Instantly convert your iPhone to a wireless Flash Drive without the use of a cable. Simply connect your iPhone to your computer’s Internet browsers such as IE, FireFox, Safari, Finder for the Mac OS, or the WebDAV clients such as Transmit. With an IP address that Discover provides, you can easily upload or download the files between the computer and iPhone.
Want to share pictures or documents with your friends in class, at a party or in a conference? Our “Nearby” function can detect other iPhones in close proximity and enable you to share files with them via Wi-Fi networks. If you choose to add the MobileMe service, Discover can support the emailing of files from your actual iPhone.
Dicover contains a Multi-format files viewer that allow you to view documents, code, audio, video, photos, and more. Special features, such as bookmarks, would easily allow you to read while on-the-go. In addition, Discover also now supports the formats docx, xlsx, and pptx.

English, Chinese


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