Ever have that tune in your head that you canít get rid of but donít what song or album that is from? Or walk down the street to hear some music that you really liked but had no idea to ask someone?
With Midomi iPhone App, you can sing, hum or whistle that tune and Midomi will search for that music and return all the information about that song! It is available as a free iPhone App in AppStore.
Midomi works by hosting a recording studio where anyone can contribute by singing and adding to their growing collection of music database. And the next time someone searches for a song you sang, your result might be the top one!
Midomi iPhone App lets you hum, sing or whistle a song to find it. Once it finds it, you can either listen to the song or buy it from iTunes or watch YouTube videos if itís available. Also, if you are at work and rather type the name of the song or part of it, you could do that too.



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