Touch Term
TouchTerm provides a great, simple solution for anyone that requires secure, remote access on their iPhone or iPod Touch. TouchTerm is a complete and fully-featured SSH terminal application, with an intuitive interface that includes:
- saved connections and passwords with a "Master" password.
- Three font options, for improved readability at smaller font sizes.
- Complete server, connection, and password management.
- RSA/DSA Key-based authentication and public key distribution via e-mail.
- Rock-solid SSH implementation based on OpenSSL and OpenSSH.
- Wi-Fi and EDGE/3G support: access and administer your servers from anywhere.
- VT100 Terminal Emulation: Use top, screen, emacs, vi -- virtually any console application.
- Landscape mode; Full-screen Mode; Configurable UI transparency, font size and color.
- A polished, intuitive, iPhone-standard interface.



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