Dear Player,

This is Bumpkin Bunny, and the game is the Manga Tiles. Niff!
Your objective is to unscramble the images of fan art beauties
either by moving the mixed tiles around the board, or by
dragging and dropping the tiles from one place to an other.
The paintings are locked by default, so you have to solve an
image to get the next one unlocked. There are more pages
with beauties, you can select the pages by scrolling from
the right to the left. To start with a new level, you need to
double tap on the preview image of the level. If you are a
beginner I recommend starting with the drag&drop mode,
as that makes your first steps much easier. Visit the
Options page to choose this game mode. You will have a
simple job in the beginnings, but after a
short time, the levels will become harder
and harder. Speaking for myself, I could
glimpse only 10 of the 72 beautiful girls..
but I'm only a rabbit, you will do that
much better I know. Unless you are a
cow. But that is unlikely. Or is that
possible? Who knows the truth? The
results of the levels will give you a
rank, which shows how professional
you are in this game. To get the
maximum points you must solve the first level
within one minute. On the last level you will have already
11 minutes to unscramble the puzzle. But I would be really
impressed if you were able to do that in 11 minutes.. Niff!
To be honest, I'm pretty sure that you won't solve that in 11
minutes. The ranking list is the following:

01 - Absolute Novice
02 - Beginner
03 - Weak
04 - Not Really Good
05 - Adequate
06 - Average
07 - Advanced
08 - Good
09 - Very Good
10 - Excellent
11 - Champion
12 - Master
13 - Grandmaster
14 - Simply The Best
15 - Legendary
16 - Demigod
17 - God
18 - God of Gods
19 - The Best Who Ever Lived
20 - This is rather too much
21 - You beat everything
22 - That's shocking
23 - Mage of Mages
24 - King of Queens
25 - TOP GUN

If you were not able to solve a puzzle really fast, then don't worry, you can restart the level and maybe you will be faster that time. But probably you won't, ihhihi. From the version 1.8 your scores will be uploaded into the Game Center (you need to login, of course). And you have achievements.. but only if you don't cheat buddy. No achievements for dirty bastard cheaters!! :))

I wish you good luck!
Compete with Manga Tiles Fans around the world and become a TOP GUN !!!

All amazing images shown on the tiles were produced by the artist known as Ryu. If you are shocked watching Ryu's art works, just google for "Ryu's Form Site" to get more of them.

BB Rabbit Boy